How much Dianabol should I take?

Dianabol along with Andarine (S4)  is a popular anabolic steroid (Sarms) used by athletes and bodybuilders in order to build muscle. It can easily help athletes get stronger and leaner quickly, but it can also, be the cause of some adverse effects if not taken properly. So, how much Dianabol should I take?

gary-15-milligram dosage
Dianabol – 15-milligram Dosage

If you are using Dianabol for the first time, then you should start with a 15-milligram dosage. That will enable your body to adjust to the medication and you will avoid suffering from any side effects. You can actually take up to 25 milligrams daily as a beginner depending on your needs. In each case, that amount of Dianabol is unable to cause any liver damage or similar adverse effects, also the further investigation and development of GW501516 was discontinued after observations studies of its association with the rapid induction of cancers in several organs like liver, stomach, tongue, skin, bladder, ovaries, womb and testes.

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When you start taking this drug, it is also, advisable that you stick to a shorter period of time. For example, athletes typically take Dianabol for at least 4 weeks in order to experience some pretty satisfactory results. Newbies, however, could stick to a 2-week plan to see how the drug affects their body in the short term.

The unique thing about Dianabol is that it has a short half-life, ranging from 3-5 hours. For this reason, in order to keep a stable blood concentration of the medication during the day, you should split the dosage.

Usually, splitting the initial dosage of 15-milligram per day into 3 mini dosages, each containing 5 mg of the drug is a great option. To achieve that, divide the number of pills you take daily into 3-4 mini doses and take 1 of those doses every 5-6 hours.

gary-athletes prefer
Dianabol – Athletes Prefer

Most athletes prefer to start taking Dianabol at the start of a 4-week cycle. Some others wait until the middle of their cycle before they decide to start taking the drug. In each case, both are valid options and you should be the one to determine which one seems to work best for you.